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Dharma Prayer Flags

Temple Flags Long & Short
Enjoy our long-lasting and durable flags, as an inspiring gift for anyone on any occasion!

We tradionally offer five varieties of flags in the traditonal elemental colors; blue - space, white - water, red - fire, green - air, yellow - earth. We have pre-made strands of five (5) or ten (10). Our most popular flags are "The Tibetan Ganesh," or "Tshogs bdag" and “Green Tara.” Additionally, we have “Buddhas & Bodhisattvas,” “Kalachakra,” and “Lungta.”

We will custom-make with any amount and combination, please see flag samples below!!

Custom-made Flags

Tshogs bdag - Tibetan Ganesh:

Tshogs Bdag - Tibetan Ganesh

Green Tara:

Green Tara





Buddhas & Boddhisatvas:

Vajra Dhara -blue, Shakyamuni Buddha - white, Guru Rimpoche - red,

Milarepa - green, & Manjurshi - yellow.

ManjushriVajra Dhara


Sets of five (5) are $15.00 USD and

Sets of ten (10) are $25.00 USD.

INCLUDES S/H (Shipping & Handling) CHARGES!!!



Please contact us for wholesale pricing!

Prayer Rock Temple Valley

Our flags are home-made with Aloha on the Isle of Maui at Kagyu Dhetchen Hermitage, a remote retreat on the southwestern slopes of Haleakala Crater. We are a twenty year-old cottage industry operating from a twenty-five year-old Tibetan hermitage, temple, & stupa (a sacred reliquary dedicated to the enlightenment of all beings).

Our first flags were made using an old wood block press from Tibet. Originally, we only had the prayer flag, Lungta, the Windhorse, which also means 'prayer flags.' Today, we use a combination of media techniques to produce the silk screened flags we share. Thank you for your patronage, please come again.



Please contact us for wholesale pricing!

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