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Bliss is Within. That you are. Truth is Within. That you are. Love is Within. That you are. Beauty is Within. That you are.




In a world of increasing stress and chaos we are finding more and more that true happiness and wealth are not outside oneself but within. The beauty of suffering is that it motivates us to take control and change our lives. It is the fuel for the fire of transformation. When we empower ourselves we realize that nothing outside of ourselves makes us feel the way we do. We become response-able. We have the choice of how we respond and react to any situation in our lives. Within we have the power to find true Bliss/Love/Truth and Liberation from all suffering. We have been blessed with so many saints and sages who through Divine Grace have paved the Path and shown the way. Now more than ever, Universal Truth and the Path of Liberation are available to anyone who is inspired by suffering to seek the Truth. I seems as as though we all have been so used to suffering and negative energies even before we came out of the womb that we often take it for granted as 'normal'. When in fact the normal our Natural State of our Being is stress free true bliss and happiness. There are no limits to the truth and it is available to everyone regardless of past actions or how 'bad' we seem to have it. The Divine Embrace of Universal Grace is always there waiting for us as soon as we let go of the lead weights of our illusory beliefs, opinions, thoughts, etc. which we have just been conditioned programmed with from generation to generation. We can see how the programming is impersonal and the innocence of consciousness. We can break this cycle of suffering and be constantly reborn into a life of love, peace, gratitude and fulfillment every moment..

In the universe like attracts like. Love begets love and we reap what we sow. when we change our belief and perceptions we change our lives for the better and by conjuncture the world. We are not upset with someone for being inconsiderate or mean etc.. Instead, it is really the lack of the positive attribute that we are missing. We are really upset with whomever for not being thoughtful or kind. So the best thing we can do is be the change we want to see, to live by example, and to be an embodiment of unconditional love, joy and peace. By doing so that Love spreads like wildfire as we "rub off" on people and the world burning down the world of negativity and suffering and a world filled with abundance in all ways arises..

There is said to be only one cause of suffering and that is ignorance. Ignorance of our True Nature as One, of what and who we truly are. We have forgotten our roots in the ground of Eternal Being. With which we are connected to the Source of all that is and Infinite Existence consciousness and bliss. When we forget oneness individuality arises, then selfishness and egocentrism which is the root of all evil. Which creates a 'you' and a 'me' and an 'us' and 'them' and a 'more for me' attitude etc.. There is no one to blame people cannot help being the way they are. It seems as though we have just forgotten. We just don't know any better. "Forgive them for the know not what they do." as Jesus said on the cross. Through the spreading of spiritual knowledge and Universal truth we are awakening again to the simple Truth. We often forget that one person can make a difference and in fact one person makes all the difference. We are either contributing or contaminating at every moment to the collective consciousness of the planet by whatever our expression is. Remembering that like attracts like and that we reap what we sow we will continue to grow. So it all comes down to what we truly want. And ultimately underneath all of our petty programs we all want the same thing Love, peace, happiness, "goodness", to be accepted for who we are etc.. So, if we want those things we just need to be those things and we will reap a harvest of love and peace, with enough to feed the world. So, sons and daughters of the One, let us continue to unite in our collective intention for the highest good of One and All and to shine the Love Light bright and be Peace in the world day and night! - (authored by an inspired pilgrim of Prayer Rock)